1) Liability:

  1. Subletting of the rented property or using it as a business premise is strictly prohibited.
  2. In the course of stay any accidental damage caused to the property or furnishings due to negligence or carelessness shall be borne by the Guest.  
  3. Guest is not liable to damages caused due to natural calamity or any untoward incidents due to strikes or bunds.
  4. My Goa Stay is an agent to the property owners and is not responsible to any liabilities arising directly or indirectly due to negligence and omission of services or amenities by the owner.
  5. During the course of stay the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking in circumstances that are uncontrollable or unavoidable due to untidiness, damages to the property, inappropriate behavior, causing nuisance to the neighborhood or breach in clause 1.I. In such situation guest will not be entitled for any refund.
  6. Any valuables left at the property are at your own risk. Neither we nor the Owners are responsible for any loss.  It is your responsibility to ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving the property. 

2) Booking Policy/Payment:

  1. Send us a written communication on the chosen property, we shall then check for the availability with the owner and reply. 
  2. Confirmation is subject to availability.
  3. The person who signs the Booking confirmation certifies that he/she is authorised to agree to its terms on behalf of all persons included on the Booking Form, including any persons who may be substituted/added at a later date. 
  4. The signatory must be a member of the party, occupying the property.
  5. In order to confirm the booking a 50% advance is required. Immediately upon receipt of advance payment, we shall mail you a confirmation of the booking. Please note that the booking is not confirmed until we have received this deposit. (This clause implies to the bookings made prior to 3 or more months to the date of arrival remaining 50% before 9 weeks of arrival) 
  6. Bookings taken within 9 weeks of arrival at the property must pay 100% advance to confirm the booking.    

3) Security Deposit:

  1. Some properties may ask for a security deposit.  A security deposit is required to cover the cost of any damages or breakages to, or at the property. The security deposit amount is set by the Owner and will be due prior to your arrival at the property. If applicable then the same shall be notified to you by email.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the property should the security deposit not have been paid.
  3. If the security deposit paid by you is not sufficient to cover up the cost of damage, the Owner is entitled to recover any such additional cost from you.
  4. The Owner shall refund the total security deposit before the day of departure upon satisfactory inspection that no damages or breakages have been made to or at the property.

4) Cancellation:

  1. In the unlikely event of a significant change or cancellation of your booking by the Owner, we will inform you as soon as possible. If requested and if available we will try to arrange alternative accommodation of a similar type, price, standard and location. Alternatively, we will refund all monies paid by you.
  2. Any cancellation (for whatever reason) must be in writing. The effective date of cancellation is the date we receive written notification. Refund will be allowed to cancellations that have been made 3 months or more, prior to the date of arrival.
  3. Any cancellations within 9 weeks or more prior to arrival are not entitled for refund.

5) Access to property:

The Owner or their representative shall be allowed access to inspect the property prior to your departure. They also have a right to access the property during your stay if urgent maintenance is required.